12 March 2012

Unpacking, Organizing, and COMPANY!

March 2012
I started the process of unpacking and loading the cabinets while Steve was installing the tile. Then I finished after everyone left. I have almost everything unpacked (except about 15 boxes of books which I have no idea where to put!) The kitchen is mostly organized as we want it and we have begun to cook again and are getting back into our routine. I am back on my schedule of hitting the gym six days a week and have found a new trainer to work with. Trox continues to go to a spin class at oh-dark thirty in the morning and life is returning to normal!

As I write this we have company from New Mexico and they will be here 3 more nights. We got everything done just in time for their arrival!

Whew! Roof and back yard next!

Starting the process of unpacking the kitchen.
I couldn't wait any longer!
We have LOTS of drawers.
This one contains Trox' baking supplies.
Where ever are we going to hang all these?
AND this isn't all of it!
Our first meal at the table!
The first art that I hung.
And my favorite! My gnome.
By Nancy Wheeler.
Things are coming together but
we definitely need some more furniture.
The living room is a little sparse.
This is our reading room.
And our guests arrived bearing gifts
from New Mexico!
And took over the spare bedroom.
Home made pizza!

Granite, Appliances, and Tile! OH MY!

March 2012
Last time I posted here the cabinets were almost done and the granite was scheduled for installation. Since then the granite has been installed, the appliances installed and tested, and the tile back splash finished. In addition we have installed under cabinet lighting, power strips all along the base of the upper cabinets, and we've done some other finishing up. We have unpacked most of our stuff and have the main floor pretty well finished.

The past week or so has been very hectic getting everything ready for company arriving soon!

Trox installed the dishwasher before the
granite guys came. It was NOT a simple task!
Some new words were invented during the process!
But he got it done and it pulls out just as advertised!
The next day the guys arrived to set the granite.
This was the first piece!
Then they moved on to the area where the sink is
They use bondo to hold it down.
They had to cut a notch under the piece
on the top of the pony wall.
But they got it done and applied the bondo.
The next step was for Mike to install the appliances.
We had some doubts about whether the range would fit.
There was less than 1/8 inch slop.
Installing the microwave was interesting.
He got it done!
Then Steve (he was the guy who did the floor) arrived.
to do the tile.
We used 20" tiles and went
all the way around the window.
and down behind the range.

10 February 2012

Floors are done Cabinets are done (well almost)

February 2012
And so it continues. The floors are now all done and covered with a protective layer of painter's paper. The cabinets arrived last week (as you saw in previous post) and the installers arrived as well. The cabinets are now all installed EXCEPT for a few small details (back ordered handles and a few trim pieces). Yesterday Mike arrived again and started the finishing "stuff". He hung the internal doors (they still need to be painted) and started on the casings and base trims. Today he and Joe started the process of installing the dishwasher - oh, that is going to be fun. AND yesterday Trox spent all day working on getting the over-the-sink pot rack hung for me (he doesn't want it - I do) as well as installing over-sink lighting.

We were hoping to be finished by the 14th - that's not going to happen as that is the day that the counter tops go in.

Slowly but surely the pile in the living room
migrated to the kitchen.
Typical ... The floors aren't level so much
checking and adjusting had to be done.
The bases are in and
level (we hope).
The last cabinet to go in is
over the refrigerator hole.
It was just about the only one
that was a 2-man operation.
From here you can see most of
the cabinets - uppers and lowers.
Done! Welllll? See the "wall" to the left of that
cabinet? They ended up having to take this cabinet
out and removing that wall and shortening it.
They weren't very happy campers.
Plus they still had all the trim to do.
In the meantime ... on the floor front
Steve was finishing up the floor in the back rooms.
That's it! Good thing too since
he was down to about 1/2 cup of glue.
After a break of four or five days the
guys are back. This time it is Mike
and he is installing base trim, doors, and casings
All the trim is a few shades darker than
the paint and I think I'm going to like it.
The doors still need to be painted.
We are really happy with the look of the door.
Two light holes above the sink
as well as the outline of the pot rack!
Oops. All the plumbing and
wiring for the dishwasher is on the left.
The sink and therefore the plumbing end point
is on the right. Oh, well. They'll manage.
And just in case you were wondering.
Yes, it still looks like a construction site.

01 February 2012

The Floors

January/February 2012
Last Monday finally arrived and with it the floor installer - Steve - he also was our detail painter! He was hoping to be done by the end of the week - dream on!
Joe - our contractor helped Steve set up
by replacing the blade in the saw.
The first strip of floor going in!
Oh, man, is this going to be pretty!
End of day one.
The next day he tied the two floors together
around the pony wall.
Walking the perimeter.
Lookin' good!
The kitchen floor is DONE!
Now waiting for the cabinets.
In the meantime Steve continues
on down the hallway,
and into the SW bedroom.
Now to cover it all up with paper
to protect the new floor while more work is done.
This morning the cabinets arrived.
Yish! Where will they all go?
The installers arrive and
the bases are going in!
Stay tuned as they finish the cabinets!