24 January 2012


January 2012
Some of you have wondered where we are staying while all this goes on. Well, not far away. Inside for most stuff ... showers ... computing ... etc. In the carport in THE RIG for sleeping and now that the kitchen is kaput some cooking. We've also been going out for dinner - mostly to Sweet Tomatoes.
Glenda's coffee maker in the rear
Trox' in the front

23 January 2012

Putting it all back together!

January 2012
The reconstruction is in full swing! And we got to welcome three visitors! Gwen, our friend from Sheridan, actually came and spent the night. She was our first overnight visitor and didn't seem to mind sleeping on a leaky blowup mattress on the floor. It was great to see her on her trek from Sheridan to California and back. Hopefully she will stop by regularly as she makes that trip. The day after she left, our friends Jeanne and Martin showed up for a visit and to see the project. They both had great ideas and thought we were doing good! That means alot from them since they've done this multiple times before. They arrived the same day the painters and window guys were here so it was rather hectic and I didn't get to spend enough time with them. But enough chit chat, on to the pictures!
The drywallers arrived early one morning.
They worked so fast I almost didn't get any pictures!
Sure is starting to look better!
After 3 days they had all the drywall hung
and mudding done and then the window installers arrived!
Yes, that is snow on the ground!
The old yucky glass sliding door is no more!
Large openings like this made for
a breezy cold day - even inside!
One guy outside - freezing - and one
inside - freezing - made for short work!
The front window sure looks clean!
In the middle of the window installation the painters arrived!
An 18" roller makes short work
or applying paint!
There will be all new trim - baseboards and casings!
Poor Julian got to paint them while kneeling on the floor.
Speaking of Julian - he introduced me to a music group
I hadn't heard before - ERA! - they are GREAT!
WOW! That is YELLOW! but looks great!
Those long planks are 16 feet!
Green for the bedrooms and Yellow for living/kitchen!
Dry wall is up. Windows are in. Paint is done.
Now, to get ready for the floors.
First thing was to get rid of range!
And then rip out base cabinets.
NOT To mention dishwasher and sink.
YUCK! Under the cabinets we found....
mouse turds!
But with everything gone we
were now ready for the floor installer to arrive!
Oh this floor is going to be gorgeous!
Hardwood - Hickory

14 January 2012

Stay tuned

January 2012

Stay tuned as sheet rock gets hung; windows get installed; walls get painted; floors get laid; kitchen gets installed and life settles back down. 

Let the fun begin!

November and December 2011
Once we closed, which is a story in itself, we moved in and immediately began demolishing. Pulling down wall paper; ripping up carpet; tearing down walls and so on.
Wallpaper came down first thing!
all that's left behind is dirt and glue!
next came up the carpet!
then the sheetrock!
and OMG those lights have got to go!
not to mention the cabinets!
The new pony wall will make the stairs safer
and the view better!
We moved the doorway too!
No more cheesy railing!
Ahh, those lights are better!
AND at least most of the uppers are gone!
And stuff is arriving!
This is the flooring - hickory hardwood!

Day we made an offer

November 2011

The day we made an offer we took pictures of what SHOULD have been on the MLS. We still hadn't seen all the dirt but were getting a little better idea of the condition and things we wanted to do.
Found this picture with the tax records
This room will make a great office
but that ceiling has got to go!
Maybe I won't have to touch it to clean it
Pretty tight! But should work!
Is this supposed to be a closet?
Major overhaul needed here! no cabinet space;
range probably original;
cheesy railing;
we could take that wall out;
nice refrigerator;
get RID of that soffet over the cabinets;
just gut the whole thing and start over
uh, oh roof's gotta go;
major landscaping project;
what do WE want with a hot tub?
ALUMINUM????? windows? gotta go!
shed's not bad (and insulated!)
ahh, but look at that view!